Our Mission

New Leaf will offer an alternative to the endless pursuit of rehabilitation in an urban environment for individuals with a developmental disability and complex needs. New Leaf will endeavour to provide quality supports and services that offer a rural option to individuals with a developmental disability, dual-diagnosis, and/or other complex needs.

New Leaf will embrace the values of personal choice, dignity, social inclusion and self-actualization in all of our services and supports as we assist individuals to live, work and play as valued members of society and the community.

Guiding Principles

The fundamental beliefs and guiding principles that are the motivating force behind all decisions of New Leaf: Living and Learning Together Inc. are as follows:

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Citizenship Rights

Individuals have all rights of full citizenship, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Respect for the Individual

Individuals have unique needs, goals and desires and should be treated with respect and dignity for their personal choices.

Individualized Planning

The personal goals and desires of an individual provide the direction for developing the services and supports provided by the organization.

Support for Families

Families play an important role in the lives of their family member with a developmental disability and this relationship is recognized and supported.

Building an Inclusive Community

Individuals are supported in their efforts to participate in the community and New Leaf: Living and Learning Together Inc. will continue to advocate and pursue opportunities for inclusion.


Partnerships and collaborative ventures are essential to effectively and efficiently respond to the needs, goals and desires of individuals with a developmental disability.

Managing Change

Change is a necessary part of living and therefore the outcomes of the supports and services provided by the organization will be continually evaluated to respond to the needs of individuals as well as the emerging directions in policy, research and best practices.